Witchcraft Services


Do you need a house blessed, a ghost appeased, or a curse removed? Could you use an extra boost of good luck? Have you been feeling out of balance and need a spiritual recharge? Do you need some magickal help to urge you to move forward from the obstacles of the past? These services are offered as need dictates and time allows. Write to Melanie at injoyart@yahoo.com and explain your situation and the help you desire. I may or may not feel that my services could be beneficial to your specific situation. If I determine I can help you, I may offer to send you instructions to perform your own spellwork, as a spell you perform yourself will be the most effective. If you wish for me to send you a spell kit that includes instructions plus all the supplies you will need, understand that there will be a charge for the materials and shipping. Such kits usually range around $10-$15, including shipping, but costs vary as these are customized to your specific needs. If you are requesting a house blessing ceremony or other work that you wish to have me perform on location, there will be a $50 per hour fee in addition to travel expenses such as transportation and accomodations if required.

Please note that while every effort is made to address your request in a timely manner, due to the number of requests, it may take several weeks for you to receive a response. Also please note that results  are in no way guaranteed. 


Disclaimer: Services are offered for entertainment and insight, and no claims or guarantees as to accuracy or effectiveness are made. 

Most witchcraft services that don't require special supplies are offered free of charge in many cases, but donations are always gratefully accepted and appreciated.

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